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ALL applications are subject to final approval by BOEC Program Staff. Completing this application DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in a program. Please read our enrollment guidelines for winter or summer before applying to ensure participation is right for you. If you have further questions regarding eligibility, please call our office (970)-453-6422.
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Please note: We recommend that all BOEC students be covered by personal health insurance. If medical care for injury, pre-existing condition or any other reason is required during a BOEC course, the student’s personal health insurance will be primary.

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The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center is committed to offering quality outdoor education to people of all abilities. All prospective students are required to fill out this student application. The above information assists the BOEC in maintaining a risk managed environment. Not completing this form as accurately and truthfully as possible, providing misinformation, or leaving out certain information could result in an injury or may compound the severity of an injury.  This information will be kept confidential.  We reserve the right to screen all students and may request that you provide a personal caregiver to join the program.
Upon submission, you will be redirected to complete our Release of Liability and Statement of Informed Consent documents.  These must be signed on the applicant's behalf in order to participate in a BOEC program.