2021 Annual Report

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Page 1/5 — Basic info

Thank you for filling out the 2021 Annual Report. We have streamlined the report this year to make sure that there is a precise reason for asking each question. All chapters and national groups are expected to submit this form by April 15.

Please note you can
 save and return to this form before submitting it, but please be sure to re-open your form using the link sent to your inbox. We have prepared a Google doc worksheet here for you to preview the survey and work on answers with your group.

The report has 5 short sections:
  1. Basic information about you
  2. Stats about your group and your impact
  3. Looking back: evaluation of your 2021 goals
  4. Looking forward: your plans for 2022
  5. Wrapping up
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Page 2/5 — Stats about you and your impact in 2021

This section quantifies the impact of your group. Combined together across the network, it will give people a big picture of how Slow Food is guaranteeing good, clean and fair food for all.
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Page 3/5 — Looking back at 2021

This section tells more of a narrative story about the amazing work that you are doing. We will feature stories and quotes in our 2021 Annual Report, social media, emails, and more. We know COVID is still a big challenge, but please brag about what you pulled off!
Strategic Goals
Because of your 2021 efforts, what do you think has changed in your community?
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Page 4/5 — Looking ahead to 2022

This section is an opportunity to share your plans for 2022. It helps us align national strategy with the work of the grassroots network, focus resources where there is energy, and connect groups that are doing similar work with one another.
National Programs
Membership Share
Slow Food USA started a membership revenue share in 2021. Read about it here. We are now going out the pilot phase and rolling this out to all chapters and groups in 2022. You need to opt-in to the revenue share here, and tell us how you plan to solicit members in 2022.

Page 5/5 — Wrapping up

In what ways can the National Office resource your chapter/group?
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