Serve in Place Fund: Summer 2022 Community-Engaged Learning Application

General Information

The David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement is providing funds for students pursuing community-engaged learning activities over summer 2022. For full information about eligibility, expectations, timeline and selection criteria, visit the Serve in Place Fund webpage.  


Funds must be applied to a specific initiative with a specific community partner. Applications will be evaluated on the demonstrated capacity of the individual to enact the outlined proposal and on the potential development for the applicant in the specified learning outcomes. 

Projects must be in compliance with the university-wide travel restrictions and local public health guidelines. We value ethical partnerships with the community. The specific initiative proposed should clearly align with 1) the student's emerging purpose 2) community-engaged learning criteria and 3) goals of the off-campus partner organization 

For more information email us at

*Students graduating in Spring of 2022 are not eligible
*Note: Students from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, College of Architecture, Art and Planning and College of Human Ecology are not eligible to apply for summer 2022 funding.

CHE, AAP and the SC Johnson College have launched Engaged College Initiatives in partnership with the Einhorn Center, and students from those colleges should contact their college representative to learn more. The CHE representative is Kristen Elmore; Candace Maxian is the contact for SC Johnson College students, and Victoria Beard is the AAP representative.  
Where is the project taking place? 

Your proposal should address each of the following (4,000 characters with spaces)

A.    Describe the project and how it meets the community-engaged learning criteria

1. What issue of public concern does it address?

2. How did you find this need in the community?

3. How does this project advance your current personal, academic and professional background and goals?

B.    How will you evaluate the impact and success of your project (i.e., the achievement of objectives you’ve specified with your community partner)?

C.   If relevant, please describe how this project was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please describe how you plan to mitigate disease transmission risk (e.g., maintaining social distancing, working online only, etc.)

Use the table below to list all the costs associated with your proposal.