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ILALI's Wayfinders Pilot Residency Application

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Welcome to the application for Wayfinders, ILALI's immersive residency program for young adults.  Here are a few things you need to know before you apply: This application includes many short fields that will not take long to answer, and a couple of questions that you will want to take some time to answer more thoughtfully.  

It may take approximately 20-40 minutes to complete this application, depending on the answers you provide. You may choose to come back to complete and submit the application at a later time. If so, remember to click the Save My Progress" button at the top or bottom of each page. You will be asked for your email address and a password each time you do this, and will receive an email from Form Notification with a link to return to the application.
Your Contact Information

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About You

We value diversity in many forms, beyond the lists above. If you would like to share any additional information about your background and identity (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, neurodivergency, differently abled, political orientation, etc.) please do so below. (Optional)

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Please answer the following questions starting with your most recent education. 
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Please share any additional details about your educational experience that you would like us to know.
Employment information
Please share details of your last two employers, beginning with the most recent. If you have had fewer than three employers, just complete with the experiences you have.
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Lifestyle and Wellness Information
We acknowledge that faith and spiritual practice can be an important part of an individual’s identity, and we strive to support participants in their traditions. If you would like to share any additional information about your religion, faith, or spiritual practice, please do so below. (optional)

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Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact #2 Information

Background Check
The following section pertains to previous criminal activity of applicants. Answering YES to any of these questions does not impact your acceptance to the program. While you are not required to answer the following questions, due to the nature of living in close quarters with fellow participants for an extended time, we ask that you fully and honestly disclose details with respect for our Community Living Standards.. Prior to participation in the program, you will also be asked to submit a state and federal criminal background check.

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Character and Interests
We would like to understand more about the kinds of activities that interest you. For the following question, please answer how interested you are in the activities listed by answering on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not at all interested, and 5 being extremely interested.
1 2 3 4 5
Civic Engagement
Please provide details of any group, organization, or activity you have participated in or volunteered with (i.e. sports, service, music, arts, camp) that is of particular importance to you. Please include details of your involvement, including any leadership positions held and how long you have been involved.

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ILALI is built on our commitment to creating the conditions, space, and community where any adult can develop to their highest potential despite the various circumstances that often keep most people from investing the time and resources to do so. We also know the time commitment involved with participating in Wayfinders means significant time away from your life, work, and ability to cover the costs of living. 


To meet candidates’ needs and to fulfill our own vision, ILALI will cover the full room, board, and tuition costs of participation for every member of the Wayfinders pilot cohort. This commitment by ILALI includes:

  • Single room accommodation at the Whidbey Institute from January 6 - April 23, 2023

  • Organic meals prepared with fresh ingredients throughout the program 

  • Full program tuition costs for facilitation, instruction, key materials

  • Transportation costs for designated group activities during the program

  • A need-based cost of living stipend to offset loss of income during program

  • Assistance in obtaining course credit for completion of Wayfinders


The following are the responsibility of applicants, which ILALI can assist with in case of financial need:

  • $35 application fee

  • Maintain active health insurance coverage during the program term

  • Transportation to/from the Whidbey Institute at the beginning of the program


In order to submit your application successfully, we require a non-refundable Application Fee of $35. This fee can be waived if you are being sponsored by a person or organization in your community that ILALI has an affiliation with. If this fee is still a barrier to submitting your application successfully, please contact us at info@ilali.global to discuss other options.

Cost of Living Stipend
ILALI may be able to provide some applicants a cost of living stipend to offset some of your bills by participating in Wayfinders.

Cost of living stipends are awarded based on need. Please use this space to describe any unusual expenses, special circumstances, or other life events that affect your financial situation. Applications are evaluated on the information supplied, so please answer this question as completely as possible.
Payment Information
The code is case sensitive, and needs to be entered exactly as provided with no additional characters or spaces.
Full Discount
Please enter the code once again. Make sure that you entered the Discount Code you had been given, and that the Total Amount Due above is $0.
If you have not yet been given a code please click save my progress at the bottom of this form, and email info@ilali.global to receive your code.
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