2022 Governor's Volunteer Awards Nomination Form

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Governor's Volunteer Award trophies
For information or assistance, please visit our Governor's Volunteer Awards webpage, or contact us at volunteer@onestarfoundation.org or (512) 287-2007.

Nominations must be submitted by no later than Friday, July 29, 2022.

If you prefer to submit a nomination by mail or fax, please click here to download a printable nomination form.

For a complete description of award categories, please visit onestarfoundation.org/governors-volunteer-awards.

Please provide the information of a primary representative for the nominated group/organization.

Please provide the information of a primary representative for the nominated family.

Nominees will be contacted only if they are selected as a Governor's Volunteer Award recipient. You will be notified before nominees are contacted.

Note: Self-nominations, including those submitted by employees of the organization, will not be accepted.

(if applicable)

(if applicable)

Self-nominations will NOT be considered.


500 words maximum.

500 words maximum.


[OPTIONAL] Upload up to five (5) pieces of evidence to support your nomination (e.g., letters of support, performance evaluations, testimonials, news articles or media coverage, photographs, past awards, etc.)

List two references familiar with the nominee’s volunteer activities.
References may NOT be the nominator, nominee, nor an immediate relative of the nominee.