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Please complete this form to submit your SFA fibre transaction. Fields marked with an * are mandatory.  All fields should be completed in English.

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Id allocated by the SFA, input in the format: SFA-##### E.g. 00103

Id allocated by the SFA, input in the format: SFA-##### E.g. 00103
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Receipt Attachment

If you do not have a receipt, please ask the Seller for a copy before submitting this form.
Terms and Conditions
Please read and accept the terms and conditions of participating in the SFA's Chain of Custody
As the buyer/seller requesting the TC, I declare that the transaction details entered here are an accurate reflection of the transaction receipt that was passed to me by the seller/buyer.  This data corresponds to an actual transaction of SFA Certified fibre made between the seller and the buyer named above, and is in compliance with the SFA Chain of Custody guidelines.

Any misrepresentation or anomalies in data following confirmation of the transaction are the sole responsibility of the buyer/seller requesting the TC.

All data submitted will be processed in line with the SFA Privacy Statement and will be treated as confidential.

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