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About the Survey


Wildscreen aims to map the natural history film and TV industry across the UK. The data collected through this survey will create the most detailed picture ever available of the UK’s natural history production ecosystem. The results will for the first time establish the genre's size, economic value and workforce within the UK, helping to raise the profile of the sector within the UK and internationally. 


For the sector itself, it will provide: 

  • key information on sector-specific revenues
  • a breakdown of funding sources and commissions globally for natural history programming
  • an overview of the natural history film and TV workforce in the UK, including freelancers, emerging talent and collaboration with in-country talent
  • a baseline for workforce diversity across the sector 
  • impact of the pandemic on the industry
  • the challenges facing the sector over the next five years. 

The results will also help to inform future Wildscreen initiatives and funding.


The project is being conducted in partnership with University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). We are focusing our research on both companies and freelancers and will gather both qualitative and quantitative information.


Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a draw to win a full hybrid Wildscreen Festival 2022 delegate pass.

What freelancers should complete the survey?

Freelancers must be based within the UK in order to be eligible for this survey. For the purposes of this survey, wildlife production is defined as non-fiction film, TV or online content that has an aspect of the natural world as the central focus. This includes, but is not limited to, content that has been commissioned or distributed such blue-chip natural history, low-budget productions, presenter-led, character-led and theatrical documentaries. The industry includes all those involved in the production ecosystem from production companies themselves through to facilities houses and freelancers. 


How will the data be used?

The raw data will only be available to Wildscreen and the research team at UWE. It will be anonymised, encrypted and securely stored.  UWE will analyse the data and Wildscreen will publish a summary of the findings which will be  shared with the industry and publicly to showcase and share insights into the health of the UK wildlife film and TV production ecosystem for the first time ever. We aim to repeat the survey every 5 years to monitor the state of the industry. 

How to complete this survey

Those completing the survey will need information regarding their natural history based roles over the last year, information regarding their income over the last year and information regarding their last contracted role.

You can save your progress and resume the survey at a later date.

It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

You are able to save your progress and return to complete the form at a later date. To do this please check the box at the top of each page and create a log in.  You must use the same log in details to access your saved data.

If you have any questions or need any additional support to complete the survey please do not hesitate to get in touch via georgia.torres@wildscreen.org.uk

Thank you for being a part of this!

Consent Agreement and Eligibility

  • I have read and understood the information on the previous page.

  • I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw at any time by closing the webpage.

  • I understand that the data I provide will be kept secure and confidential.

  • I am 18 or over and have read and understood the Consent Agreement. I hereby fully and freely consent to my participation in this study

Section 1: Freelancer Demographic

i.e. 20 hours

Section 2: Natural History Production

i.e. 40%

Roughly what percentage of your working time is spent in the media formats indicated above?

Section 3: Motivations & Wellbeing 
Employment Information

In your most recent contract, were you entitled to any holiday pay or sick leave?
Yes No Prefer not to say I don't know N/A

Additional Comments

Impact of COVID

Section 4: Freelancer Information



i.e. £250

Section 5: UK Natural History Film and TV Industry Progress, Challenges and Motivations

Thinking about increasing diversity in the natural history genre, to what extent do you feel progress is being made in each of the following areas? All questions refer to productions made in the last year.
Representation of ethnically diverse individuals;
No progress Not much progress Some progress A great deal of progress Not sure
Representation of LGBTQIA+ individuals;
No progress Not much progress Some progress A great deal of progress Not sure
Representation of womxn;
No progress Not much progress Some progress A great deal of progress Not sure
Representation of individuals living with a long term disability;
No progress Not much progress Some progress A great deal of progress Not sure

Thank you for completing this survey.

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