To Kill A Mocking Bird - Matinee Application


Thursday, October 13 at 11:00am  

The Paramount Theatre  



Seattle Theatre Group is committed to providing Middle Schools and High Schools from Title I schools the opportunity to see the show at a $10 price. If your school is interested in coming to this performance, please fill out this application form. We anticipate this performance to sell out, please reserve no later than September 22, 2023. Any applications received after 5pm will be placed on a waitlist. Only schools can apply for this performance.  


Things to anticipate before you book:  

  • Number of students  
  • Mode of transportation  
    • We anticipate you hold buses  
    • Paramount Theatre: 911 Pine Street, Seattle WA 98101 
    • Arrival no later than 10:30am  
  • Prepare field-trip forms 
  • Payment to be provided no later than October 10, 2022

School Information

You can find it here:
Person filling out form information