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Workshop Grant

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the Foundation only accepts applications submitted by the Organizer and Primary Contact. The email used to submit this application MUST match the Organizer's Contact Information in the application, or your application will not be accepted for review. 

STOP NOW. Please apply for the Conference Grant instead (click here to go to the form). 

Virtual meetings have a maximum award of $5,000.
Thanks so much for applying to Wenner-Gren. Please help us do a better job of selecting reviewers for your project by providing us with some information about yourself and your research interests. We’ll also be asking you for some confidential demographic information. This section, which is voluntary, will help us in our efforts to support anthropologists from diverse backgrounds and scholarly traditions. 

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Please upload your Application Budget here as PDFs with an individual file size maximum of 25 MB.
Application Budget
A Workshop Grant Application Budget Form must be completed as a part of the official application. Download the "Workshop Grant Application: Budget Form", fill out , save and print to PDF format, then upload to complete this task.

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