2022 Grand National Championships Housing Preferences

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The Music for All (MFA) participant housing policy is stated below.


All competing and exhibition bands and their booster groups utilizing hotel accommodations for their stay during Bands of America Grand Nationals are REQUIRED to make their hotel reservations through the Bands of America (BOA) Housing Bureau. 

This form must be completed by all Grand Nationals participating bands, regardless of whether or not you need hotel housing. It is intended to (1) make and ensure MFA is aware of participating band housing accommodations (regarding room block size and details - the number of rooms/room type - and amenities desired), and (2) serve as a support tool to the BOA Housing Bureau's group placement process. Those using hotels must submit their property preference. Forms submitted on or prior to April 15th at 11:59PM EST will receive priority placement. 


It is imperative that your submission is as accurate as possible, especially responses to housing preferences (i.e. the number of hotel nights needed, room types, etc.). Submission of a Housing Preference Form helps the Housing Bureau meet as many participant preferences as possible but does not guarantee assignment to a preferred hotel. If you have questions regarding the process of housing placement, please visit https://marching.musicforall.org/housingbureau/ 






Housing Preference Form for bands that have a Grand Nationals performance date and time is due for initial housing placement. All groups who submit by the April 15th deadline will receive equal consideration. Group rooming lists are NOT due at this time, only the number of rooms you anticipate needing. Your final rooming list will be due 45 days prior to your arrival date. If your band wishes to have students’ family and/or friends travel with the group, those rooms should be accounted for when submitting your housing preferences (include the additional family rooms you anticipate needing). 


Groups that submit preference forms after April 15th will be assigned on a case-by-case basis. Upon receiving a Housing Preference Form, groups will be contacted by cmcglobal within seven business days to acknowledge receipt and make an assignment and/or inform you of your status. 




While not guaranteed, our goal is to have housing assignments for all bands that submitted their form by the initial deadline by May 15th. However, a housing placement is dependent on several factors and this timeline is not guaranteed. Unassigned groups will receive frequent updates from the Housing Bureau until the housing assignment process is complete. 


July 1st – September 1st: Remaining Unused/Unneeded Contracted Rooms Made Available for Individual Bookings  

Remaining contracted hotel inventory (not needed or used by groups) will be made available to individuals. Availability will be updated periodically on a case-by-case basis for each property. Please note, the housing bureau cannot guarantee that spectator blocks will be available at every property. We encourage individuals to continue to use the housing portal, as those reservations will still help benefit the programs that Music for All offers and are available at MFA’s contracted group rates. Please refer friends and family to www.boahousing.com for real-time updates to housing availability. 


September 1st
Our goal is to have the entire group housing process completed by September 1, barring any groups with special placement difficulties, with which the Housing Bureau Administrator will continue to communicate with and work to resolve as quickly as possible.

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Group Information

Please remember the following when completing your groups housing information: 

  • Don't forget anyone! Pit Parents, Field Pass recipients, students, nurses, directors, administrators and boosters can all be included in your group. 
  • Additions can be made anytime leading up to the event as long as the hotel has the availability. Individual rooms (i.e., a couple of rooms within the block, not the entire booking) is dependent on each property but a good rule of thumb is to make your request at least 72 hours prior to arrival. 
  • You may cancel rooms from your reservations at any time prior to 30 days from your arrival. However, reducing your block by more than 20% could incur a penalty.

Typically two people in a room with one king bed.

Typically four people in a room with two double or queen beds. Some limited properties may offer double rooms with pullout sofas that may accommodate up to six people.

Not all properties have king rooms with pullout sofas as an option.

If this situation applies to your band or group, your cooperation is appreciated. We understand that this may not be ideal but it may be necessary to ensure every participating band that requires housing has a place to stay.

Hotel Information

Please select amenities that are most important to your housing needs. The housing bureau will attempt to fulfill as many of these requests as possible, however, they cannot be guaranteed.

Pref. 1 Pref. 2 Pref. 3 Pref. 4

Example: Downtown is my first choice but a full service suburban property is my second choice. However, in either situation my group cannot exceed $XX amount.