CHE Engaged Opportunity Rapid Response Grant

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Engaged Opportunity Grants are designed to help create, enhance, or sustain community-engaged learning opportunities for undergraduates. These awards can support a wide range of experiences that include co-curricular (non-credit bearing) student experiences, student leadership programs, partnership building, and events.

Contact CHE's Community-engaged Learning Coordinator Kristen Elmore ( with questions. 


For Cornell Faculty/staff team members

Provide list of all known community partner(s). It is strongly recommended to provide a letter of collaboration from the community
partner(s) describing the role that the partner(s) expects to play in the collaboration.


Short narrative that describes the overarching goals of the community-engaged learning activity, what you plan to do, how you plan to do it and potential next steps and/or outcomes. As is relevant to the request, include:
  • How the project/initiative directly supports undergraduate community-engaged learning at Cornell, or creates the supportive environment for this learning to take place in the near future
  • Need. Description of the project, inclusive of community-identified need
  • Partner. Clearly identified community partner(s), their role and the benefit of the work to the partner(s)
  • Connection. Role of the student(s) and anticipated student learning outcomes and how you plan to assess these
  • Reflection. Description of how the project/initiative supports student preparation for and critical reflection on their community-engaged learning experiences

    Undergraduate students               
e.g. 20
    Graduate/Professional students
e.g. 20

Prerequisites - Note any prerequisite(s) for student participation in your project. If none, enter n/a.