CHE Engaged Research Seed Grant

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The College of Human Ecology's Engaged Research Seed Grants are intended to support CHE faculty and academic staff’s scholarship and scientific research collaborations with both undergraduates and community partners.

Contact CHE's Community-engaged Learning Coordinator Kristen Elmore ( with questions. 


For Cornell Faculty/staff team members

Provide list of all known community partner(s). It is strongly recommended to provide a letter of collaboration from the community
partner(s) describing the role that the partner(s) expects to play in the collaboration.


Short narrative that describes the overarching goals of the community-engaged research project, including, as relevant:
  • Need. Specific aims of the project, inclusive of community-identified need
  • Partner. Clearly identified community partner(s), their role in the student research experience, and the benefit of the work to the partner(s)
  • Connection. Role of the student(s) and anticipated student learning outcomes and how you plan to assess these
  • Reflection. Description of how the project/initiative supports student preparation for and critical reflection on their community-engaged research experiences

       Undergraduate Students               
e.g. 20
       Graduate/Professional Students
e.g. 20

Prerequisites - Note any prerequisite(s) for student participation in your project. If none, enter n/a.