Diplomacy Research (Gaming)


watchLAB welcomes you to the pre-qualifying online survey for the Diplomacy research study!

  • Topic: Diplomacy
  • Genders: All
  • Ages: 18 - 64
  • Sessions Available: Tuesday, April 5th through Friday, April 15th
  • Type of study: One on one discussion
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Incentive: $125
  • Must be able to log into the session from a desktop or laptop computer from a quiet location and have Zoom downloaded and ready to go on the day of the session
  • Must sign an NDA before the session (standard practice for research studies)
  • Incentive will be disbursed within one week of the completion of the interview
Before you get started -- some stuff you should know:

After you fill out the survey, we will review your responses. If you appear to be a possible match to our client's research criteria we will call you to verify your responses and ask you some additional questions to determine if you fully qualify.  Please note that simply filling out the survey does not automatically qualify you for the study.  Also, due to a potential high volume of responses, we may only be able to respond to those who appear to be a possible match.

Any information you share with watchLAB will never be given to any clients or third parties without your explicit permission as part of a paid market research study.

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