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Challenge and Change
Application Form
Please note you can save your progress and complete your form in multiple sittings. If useful you can also download a word template to help your draft your responses, however we would like all final submissions to be made using this online template. 

If you need support to draft or submit your proposal, please contact

The deadline for applications is Monday 16th May at 5pm

Contact details

Application details

Help us see the vision of your idea or project...
Help us see and feel your passion and the injustice(s) you want to address – tell us your challenge and change story - using any medium you want e.g. words, video, photography, poetry, art – anything that you feel expresses your passion and work. Here are some tips of things to talk about but feel free to tell us whatever you like:

1. Why are YOU doing this?
2. how has your lived experience shaped your approach, views and decisions?
3. What would the future look like if you succeeded in your mission?
4. What would happen to the world if you're idea or project didn't succeed

Equal Opportunities Form 

This form is optional, anonymous and detached from the main application.

Blagrave is committed to equity of opportunity for any young person seeking one of our opportunities.

As part of this commitment, we collect monitoring data on all individuals for funding. This data will be detached from the application form before the shortlisting and will not be available to the advisers. This monitoring form is voluntary, but the information we collect is very useful in helping us to ensure we are inclusive and reaching those who we are here to serve.

Your data will be kept on file so we can continually monitor which groups of young people are yet to be represented in our work. This will help us ensure in future we can reach these groups and actively involve them in our work.