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Iowa Medicaid Provider Manual Provider Feedback Survey

Iowa Medicaid is asking for your help to improve our Provider Manuals. We're looking for specific issues  you (our provider and stakeholder partners) may have spotted within our Provider Manuals. For example, there may be a passage that is unclear, or an instance where you feel we've used the wrong choice of words, or perhaps a table is mis-numbered, etc. 

There is no deadline for this survey, we will use your submission as part of our regular Provider Manual review process. As we review each manual we will gather and review feedback submitted on this form for the relevant manual. 

Please fill out your information (in case we need to contact you for further clarification) and provide your specific feedback below: 

Please submit this form for each section of content you would like to provide feedback on;, if there are multiple sections of the manual you would like to address, please fill out this form for each section.