Certified Rehabilitation Nursing Standards of Practice and Certification Review
October 6 & 7 2022
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Zoom Online Meeting

Learning Outcome: Participants will be able to identify assessment parameters for common rehabilitative conditions and apply to selected rehabilitative disorders.

    • Discuss the anatomy and physiology pertaining to Neurological Assessment.

    • Discuss selected neuro/muscular diseases related to the patient in rehabilitation.

    • Identify the current treatment methodologies for the patient in stroke and speech rehab.

    • Discuss various bowel and bladder difficulties related to the patient in rehabilitation.

    • Discuss current trends in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Care.

    • Identify the current orthopedic rehabilitative trends related to selected musculoskeletal disorders.

    • Identify current pharmacological agents affecting rehabilitative nursing care.

    • Identify pain management issues affecting the rehabilitative patient.

    • Discuss how to care for diverse rehabilitative populations from pediatrics to geriatrics.

    • Identify methods to address skin issues in the rehabilitative population.

    • Identify key components of FIMS and Case Management in Rehabilitation.

    • Discuss test taking strategies for achieving success on the CRRN exam.

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