Radha Madhav Dham Mini Intensive Registration Form

400 Barsana Rd, Austin, TX 78737

Adult Participant Info


Child under 18


Accommodation Rules:
  1. Check-in time is after 3 PM and check-out time is before 1 PM.
  2. Meal timings: Please check the intensive schedule for meal timings.
  3. Except during meal timings, the kitchen will be closed. Tea and coffee are available in the dining hall.
  4. All meals and drinks are to be eaten in the Dining Hall, Snack Stand, or at the many outdoor picnic tables, and not taken to the rooms.
  5. Guests will help to maintain the cleanliness of the RMD grounds and guest rooms (keep rooms free of trash, odors and stains).
  6. Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, smoking, illicit drugs or intoxication are not permitted anywhere on the ashram ground.
  7. The practice of personal sadhana during morning and evening satsang is the main reason to reside in the RMD ashram; therefore your attendance during arti and satsang is expected throughout your stay.
  8. Pets are not permitted on the ashram grounds.