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IMPORTANT: Please read before completing the application.
  • Your application MUST be completed in English - the official language of the ILDS. 
  • Any documents submitted to support your application must also be in English. 
  • Your application may be delayed if this information is not provided. 
Please also ensure that you include a different email address for each contact to ensure we have alternative contact details should an email bounce.

Many thanks for your attention to this detail and we look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our unique community.

With kind regards
ILDS Membership Team
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Please provide a generic email address for your organisation below (for example office@ admin@ etc) and not a personal email address as the email address you provide will be displayed in the ILDS Member Directory.  

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In order to help us to connect and share information with you through our social media
channels, please provide links to your social media pages (where applicable).

Organisation Liaison Contact Details

All important membership emails are sent to the President and Organisational Liaison for each Member Society. Therefore, the person you nominate as your Organisational Liaison in this section should not be the President of your Society but a different person with a different email address.  This will ensure important communications are received by your Society.  Many thanks.

Organisation President Contact Details

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Representative Contact Details

Please complete the details of your Society's nominated person ("Representative") who will represent your Society at ILDS General Meetings in accordance with Clause 9.1 of the ILDS Articles of Association

Supporting Documents

  • As English is the official language of the ILDS, please ensure the documents submitted to support your application are also in English. 
  • Your application may be delayed if this information is not provided correctly. 

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