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Pyjama Angel Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pyjama Angel mentor. The following is information to help you understand more about our policies and to ensure you can make informed decisions. 

Please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed our Eligibility Criteria.

If you are not eligible to volunteer with us at this time, we would love for your support in other ways! Please follow this link  to join our mailing list, so you can learn more about upcoming opportunities and any future changes to our eligibility criteria.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
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The Pyjama Foundation's Conditions of Volunteering |COVID Vaccination and Consent

It is a condition of volunteering as a Pyjama Angel to be up to date with COVID-19 Vaccination as per Government guidelines. 


We are seeking your:

(a) confirmation that you are up to date as per Government guidelines with your COVID-19 vaccination and consent to collect this information


Please note: Sighting of the vaccination certificate or immunisation history is not required. 

Proposed collection of your information


Information about your vaccination status is personal information regulated under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and our Privacy Policy which can be accessed here


The Pyjama Foundation intends to collect information about the vaccination status of all staff and volunteers in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


This is not a decision that we have made lightly. However, we consider that it is reasonably necessary for our functions and activities to collect this information to prevent and manage the risk of COVID-19, including to ensure:

(a) the viability and continuity of our operations;

(b) the safety of our work environment for all staff and volunteers;

(c) the protection of visitors to our offices from health and safety risks arising from COVID-19; and

(d) compliance with any government directions.

Information about every staff member and volunteer's vaccination status is required to enable us to meet our obligations under work health and safety legislation.


If this information is not collected, we may not be able to make a fully informed assessment of the risks of COVID-19 exposure occurring on site and take all reasonably practicable steps to address it.


Proposed use of your information


Information on your vaccination status will be used for the purpose of preventing and managing the risk of COVID-19, including by informing our risk assessments, facilitating our review of the adequacy of safety controls in place, supporting our engagement with our stakeholders and Carers about our safety and quality measures in place, and human resources management.


Storage of your information


Your vaccination status will be stored securely and confidentially on your personnel file or on our volunteer database, as applicable, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access your personal information, seek corrections, make a complaint about an alleged breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, and how we will deal with such complaints.

Applicant Details | Consent and Vaccination Status

I have read and understood the information provided in the "Information Sheet - Your COVID-19 Vaccination Information" and have access to The Pyjama Foundation's Privacy Policy.
I consent to The Pyjama Foundation collecting, using and storing personal and health information relating to my COVID-19 vaccination status according to the Privacy Policy.
By giving this consent, I acknowledge and accept that:

(a) I have consented voluntarily and have the capacity to consent;

(b) I had the opportunity to obtain legal advice on giving this consent;

(c) I understand the nature and effect of giving this consent;

(d) The Pyjama Foundation and its officers, employees, agents and advisers have not made any promise, representation or inducement to obtain my consent; and

(e) I am aware that The Pyjama Foundation is relying upon the above.

Vaccination Status

In proceeding with the application you are acknowledging the vaccination status you've provided is accurate and that The Pyjama Foundation may consider taking disciplinary action if incorrect information is provided.

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Pyjama Angel Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Pyjama Angel mentor. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
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Postal Address Information

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Please provide the contact details of two referees - one professional and one personal referee

Please note the following requirements for referees:
  •      We prefer referees who have known you for longer than 2 years
  •      Referees must reside in Australia
  •      Referees must be 18+
  •      Relatives and partners are not appropriate referees
  •      Personal referees have witnessed you interacting with children



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By selecting "Yes" in the below box, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I agree that the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

  2. I understand that The Pyjama Foundation requires me, once placed, to volunteer for a minimum of 12 months.

  3. I understand that placement is subject to availability and location of children. The Pyjama Foundation can not guarantee a placement.

  4. I have read and understood the conditions of volunteering stated below.

Conditions of becoming a volunteer for The Pyjama Foundation.

A volunteer must:

  • Have basic English language, literacy and numeracy skills

  • Possess a love of learning and ability to create a fun filled environment

  • Complete the required application form and other policy and procedure documents requested by the foundation

  • Be willing to acquire and maintain a valid Working with Children Check

  • Have the ability to use initiative, take direction and work with limited supervision

  • Interact positively with Children, Carers, Staff and families

  • Display traits of resilience, including; the capacity to make realistic plans; have a positive view of yourself and confidence in your strengths and abilities; have skills in communication and problem solving

  • Maintain professional boundaries with regard to physical contact with children and young people

  • Enjoy working with children and/or young people, have a sense of fun and patience

  • Be a positive role model

  • Have the ability to fit into the cultural values of the foundation as evident in our Statement of Commitment

  • Independently comprehend and adhere to the foundation's policies and procedures

  • Independently complete assessments

  • Independently identify potential safety risks and work within Health and Safety guidelines

  • Understand and respect confidentiality

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Have own transport (not completely necessary, but will determine ability to be placed with a child)

  • Visit the allocated child

  • Notify the organisation and Carer as soon as possible of absences

  • Give notice to The Pyjama Foundation and Carer before you discontinue volunteering

  •     Must be up to date with their COVID-19 Vaccinations as per Government              guidelines