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General Information

Before you begin the application process, please download and read the Application Instructions and Tip Sheet in its entirety. 

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Please note that this application, with a deadline of June 6, 2022, is for narrative and doc feature-length projects, longer than 40 minutes to support pre-production, production, post-production or distribution activities.

Please note that this is for narrative and doc feature or series projects in DEVELOPMENT only. Recipients will receive an unrestricted $5,000 grant with deliverables due August 31, 2023. The grant is intended for filmmakers with a track record of completed works.

Project Information

Are you also applying for any of these In-Kind Grants listed below? Reference the Application Instructions and Tip Sheet for more details.

File Uploads

  • Each attachment must be submitted as a PDF file. No exceptions.
  • Use the following naming convention for each PDF : Project Name_Last Name_Attachment Name.pdf
  • Individual PDF files should not exceed 4MB. 

Video Sample

IF APPLYING FOR PRODUCTION: We do not accept hard copy DVD submissions. Primary work samples can be no longer than 6 minutes. Submitting a full film, rough cut or more video material IN ADDITION to your 6 minute sample is highly recommended and encouraged. You should include a second sample in the "Additional Supporting Video Material" field below. You must include a password protected link with your video samples (all samples in one timeline, so one link per project).

We encourage you to submit more film work as additional support material. If a rough cut of the film exists, it should be submitted below. This additional material does not have a time limit and can be a full feature film or short.

IF APPLYING FOR DEVELOPMENT: We do not accept hard copy DVD submissions. You may submit up to 5 previous work samples. You must be the director of at least one of these samples in order to be eligible for the Development grant. If submitting work for which you are not the director, please indicate this and describe your role. You must include a password protected link with your video samples.