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Registration for this seminar is now closed. Please check our website for information about upcoming seminars.


You are beginning the process of registering for a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) seminar. Please review these materials before proceeding:

This form asks a variety of questions about your experience and knowledge pertaining to cycling. Please allow 30-45 minutes to complete your registration. You may save the form and resume it later, but the form must be completed prior to the registration close date, and starting a form will not hold a space in the seminar.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy applies to all registrations whether it is being paid by an individual or by an organization.  All cancellation and transfer requests must be sent via email to education@bikeleague.org. 

  • A cancellation prior to the registration close date is fully refundable minus a $75 administrative fee. 
  • A candidate may transfer their registration to another seminar prior to the registration close date free of charge. 
  • A candidate will be given a free transfer to another seminar or opt for a 50% refund if they cannot attend the seminar due to health reasons. 
  • Cancellations due to non-health related reasons made within three weeks of the seminar will be offered a transfer and will be subject to an administrative fee of $75. Transfers must be redeemed within 18 months of the registered seminar. Refunds will not be granted within three weeks of the seminar. 
  • A full refund or a free transfer will be provided for any seminar canceled due to low enrollment. 
  • Failure of a candidate to fulfill pre-assessment work will be considered a cancellation and will be assessed a $75 transfer fee. Transfers must be redeemed within 18 months of the registered seminar.

COVID Safety Guidelines

All participants are expected to follow the CDC COVID Safety Guidelines, including staying home when you have suspected or confirmed COVID 19.   Anyone not adhering to CDC COVID Safety Guidelines will be asked to leave the seminar and will forfeit their registration.  


Additional Information About This Seminar

Seminar Prerequisites

Successful completion of the Smart Cycling Complete Class (formerly Traffic Skills 101) is necessary prior to the Seminar. All candidates MUST complete the class with a 85% or better at least three weeks prior to the LCI seminar.   The Smart Cycling Complete class consists of classroom instruction and on-bike handling skills. Students will be tested. Students may substitute the classroom instruction portion with the online Smart Cycling exam at learn.bikeleague.org. Students will need to review the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sections online and take the Smart Cycling exam. The on-bike instruction and exam must be completed with a current LCI.

For more information on locating a Smart Cycling class or a current LCI in your area go to:

Registrant Contact Info

Registration confirmation AND the Seminar Pre-Assessment will be sent via email, so register with an email address that you check frequently.

All participants must have a current individual or family League Membership. List your membership number here.

About Your Riding

Registration does not guarantee entry into the seminar nor does it guarantee certification as an LCI. Before your scheduled seminar date, you will need to successfully pass the pre-assessment with a grade of 85% or better at least two weeks before the seminar, and spend time thoughtfully preparing two lessons – one individual and one joint – which will require working together with others in your seminar. Timely communication with your Coach is essential to preparation.

The League reserves the right to exclude candidates from the seminar if tasks are not completed by the deadlines.

We expect that experienced bicyclists are seeking certification. This class is meant primarily to focus on how best to teach bicycling education. Additionally, this weekend is not about learning how to ride safely, it's about teaching safe riding. Attendance at all seminar hours is mandatory and does not guarantee certification. All candidates are required to maintain a politically neutral stance in all aspects of the seminar as well as any classes they may instruct as LCIs.

Successful candidates will have a strong working knowledge of bikes and bike maintenance and a great deal of experience riding with traffic on roadways. Successful candidates also have strong core values aligned with philosophies of the League, including helmet use, bicycling infrastructure, and full incorporation of the idea that all people who ride bicycles are equal cyclists, regardless of political affiliation, race, gender, age or religion and that all students deserve respectful, polite and meaningful instruction.

Demographic Questions

The League's mission is to Build a Bicycle Friendly America for Everyone. We strive to understand the demographics of LCI candidates in order to support that mission and help us ensure that bike safety education is reaching all communities.

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