Hack the Hood Small Business and Nonprofit Website Request

Hack the Hood is committed to small businesses and nonprofits in the Bay Area. In developing future technical leaders, we want to give our learners a practical learning experience to develop their professional and technical skills. 

Small businesses and nonprofits can request a website design on an easy to manage web provider to establish their company online presence, gain new customers, and sell services or products. 

See the FAQ below and submit an application to have Hack the Hood learners develop a new webpage for you. 
What is required to submit a website request?
In order to request a new website you must be able to pay for the domain name (mycompany.com) and hosting service cost. See Squarespace.com to see the fees associated with hosting a new website. Typically, this is about $130+ per year. 

You must also commit to at least two meetings with our learners to understand your website needs and provide you with an orientation to your final website. You must also provide the content in its final form to be uploaded to your website. Once your website is completed, management of the webpage will be your responsibility. 

Can I request specific features or content for my website?
Hack the Hood learners are just getting their start in software development and website design. At this time, we are not able to accept feature requests that extend beyond the standard Squarespace offerings. 

If all of this sounds good to you, continue on to the next page to complete your application!

Website Request Form