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The Amber Foundation welcomes referrals on behalf of or from any young person from the age of 18 to 30 years old regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, gender reassignment, religion or belief and disability.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept those who have previous convictions for arson, sexual offences, and serious violence. We are also unable to accept those who have a current dependency to alcohol or drugs or those currently receiving substitute prescription medication.

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I hereby give my permission for the information provided on this form to be given to The Amber Foundation as stated on page 1 of this form.

I also give my permission for the provider to contact any other agencies regarding my support needs, health / psychiatric history and details of any court convictions / reprimands.

I understand that this information will be used by the provider for assessment purposes only and that all written and verbal information concerning this referral will be treated as strictly confidential by Amber.

I understand that, if my application is successful, this information will be held on file and I will have the right of access to it.

I hereby give my permission for any information provided on this and any following forms and assessments to be made available to any third parties that The Amber Foundation deems appropriate, to aid the support and services that I receive from The Amber Foundation and its partners.

The Amber Foundation may share my data with a research company called Cordis Bright and with Youth Futures Foundation. Cordis Bright will help us to understand if the Amber programme is working well, and Youth Futures Foundation will use data to carry out research about programmes like the Amber programme. Data will not include my name or details that would make me identifiable. (Please follow the link for Amber programme Data Collection Privacy notice )

The Amber Foundation promotes our work by using photographs and real stories form the young people we support. During your time at Amber, we would like to share your images and/or quotes from you. Additionally, when you leave, we may like to capture your story to use as a case study to help people understand how Amber helps young people like yourself.

Through this consent form, you agree that Amber can use any images, footage (video or recording), quotes and stories captured in promotional materials. We may also want to feature work you have completed while at Amber and any art, crafts, poetry or lyrics.

Specifically, you agree that:

  • Any photographs, digital images, videos, quotes or stories made by you, or of you, can be used in paper based and electronic publicity material produced by Amber, including but not limited to:
  1. Amber's funding reports and newsletter (Get Set)
  2. Amber's social media posts and website
  3. Press releases
  4. Printed flyers/leaflets
Amber is a member charity of EveryYouth, a network of youth homelessness charities across the UK. In addition, you agree that:
  • EveryYouth can publicly share your case study/interview notes/image/provided answers in:
  1. EveryYouth's social media posts
  2. EveryYouth's website
  3. Printed Flyers/Leaflets
  4. Broadcast/print/online media
  5. Corporate partners social media
  6. Corporate partners online/print media
Under no circumstances will this be regarded as consent to publish personal information such as telephone numbers, full name, home address or email address; or use any information about you outside of the restrictions in place by our Terms & Conditions, Data Protection or Privacy Policy.

I understand that I may withdraw this permission at any time by contacting The Amber Foundation in writing at the following address:
The Amber Foundation, Ashley Court, Chawleigh, Devon, EX18 7EX