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Application for Associate Membership

We are pleased that you are considering applying for membership.  The Membership Committee may, at its discretion, direct inquiries to supervisors and institutes noted in the application.  If you have graduated from an organized training program which does not fully meet the recommended guidelines, the Membership Committee will consider any post-graduation training experiences such as seminars and private supervision.  These should be documented in the application.  For those not trained in organized training programs, all psychoanalytic training experiences should be documented.



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Psychoanalytic Activity
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Ethical Disclaimer

The San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis (SFCP) adheres to the Principles and Standards of Ethics for Psychoanalysts of the American Psychoanalytic Association (“APsaA”) and the Guidelines of the Ethics & Impairment Committee of SFCP.

  1. I confirm that I have been provided access to these documents (hard copies are available upon request), have been advised to read them, and agree to abide by them.
  2. As part of the application process, I give permission to SFCP to make inquiry for purposes of verification to the various professional organizations and licensing boards holding information pertinent to my professional qualifications, competence, or history of conduct as a professional. I understand that this inquiry will be performed in good faith by the SFCP committee responsible for the consideration of this application in consultation with the co-chairs of the SFCP Ethics and Impairment Committee. (For example, inquiry about status of your license, information from that licensing agency that is part of the public record, or inquiry to verify your faculty status at another professional organization).

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