Positive Action in Housing

Positive Action in Housing

(Registered NGO SCO27577)

Scotland -UK

Ukraine Families & Young People

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For Ukrainians fleeing war, fill in this form.

Tell us as much detail as possible. We will keep your information strictly confidential except when we speak to a sponsor. Please be patient as we try to help you and others.



e: home@positiveactionh.org

We’re part of a worldwide movement committed to building a modern-day underground railroad of dedicated people who are defying the indifference of governments to the global refugee crisis by lending a helping hand to men, women and children risking their lives for a better future.

Updated: April 14, 2022

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Warning: Do not search for sponsors on social media as women, children and young people can be targeted by people traffickers. Use established hosting networks run by NGOs - not volunteers.