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Tech is a multi-billion dollar industry, but only a fraction of the people who profit from it are Black and Brown people. Even fewer are formerly-incarcerated folks.

Uplift talent in our communities by offering in-demand skills and development training and job opportunities.

Our technical cohorts are intense 8-10 week programs that require a great deal of self-led learning in addition to our virtual programming.

Interested? Our cohorts might be for you if…
  • You can work independently and remotely
  • You are eager and willing to learn
  • You’re passionate about software development
  • You’re invested in social justice, diversity, and inclusion
  • You work well under pressure
  • You want to work in a fast-paced environment
  • You like working with peers who challenge you to be better
  • You want to meet and exceed goals set for yourself
  • You are naturally curious and passionate
  • You can legally work in the US
  • You are available to train Monday – Friday 40 hours/week for 8-10 weeks
  • Systems-impacted: You are a San Francisco Bay area resident (including but not limited to Oakland, Fremont, and Berkeley counties).
  • Non-systems impacted: You are a resident of any US state
Inclusivity Statement: While we welcome all individuals who meet the requirements above to apply,  we want to provide clarity around which applicants we prioritize in the admissions process. While we acknowledge there is no hierarchy of oppressions and value everyone’s unique lived experience, we know that some communities are systematically and disproportionately impacted by health, economic, and educational inequities.

Questions about eligibility? Email @edilah@dreamcorps.us

Pre-Work Resources

This combination of resources was sourced by our educators and former students in order to help new students receive a more dedicated onboarding experience to the cohort material. 

These resources should take about a week to complete.

Estimated time to complete: 25 hrs

This resource will teach you the fundamentals of programming in Java with real examples and exercises. Former students say that completing this program entirely (100%) served them well in the first weeks of the cohort, which allowed them to grasp concepts quickly and develop a better understanding of the material long term. 

You will submit a screenshot showing your completion of this program.

Estimated time to complete: 3 hrs

This resource is led by one of the best voices in Java programming online. Programming with Mosh is a dedicated channel (you should subscribe to) that talks about everything from fundamental to advanced programming in Java and other technologies. This video goes through everything you need to know to get started programming with Java including setting it up on your local machine. 

Estimated time to complete: 5 hrs

The W3Schools is a leading resource for learning how to code all things on the web. With multiple pages worth of information about the most important Java materials, this resource will help you connect all of the dots from the other resources, and give you a reference you can use over time.
To be considered for our next technical cohort you will need to submit proof of completion of this curriculum. Once you are ready to submit the pre-work and proceed with the interview process you can submit your materials here:

Dream.Org Pre-Cohort Application

In order to more effectively prepare yourself for the program, we have compiled a list of free pre-work resources that are required to review and complete prior to applying. This combination of resources was sourced by our educators and former students in order to help new students receive a more dedicated onboarding experience to the cohort material.
Please be prepared to elaborate on your answers in this material at a later date as our team will do our best to give a thorough assessment, not only of your current technical skills but the potential for growth in those skills as well

Screenshot Submissions