Cop On a Rooftop

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Dunkin COAR Coordinating Officer

Dunkin Location Request
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it's likely the location has already been claimed. You may enter however choose "Unavailable" under Location 1 and enter it manually at the bottom. Our staff will then review to confirm. 

Special Olympics Illinois - LETR Cop on a Rooftop (Page 2)

Day of Supplies Request (Per Dunkin' Location)
Day of Supplies (Mugs, LETR Merchandise and banners) will be distributed based on the number of Dunkin’ locations approved for your department.

*All approved stores will receive Two (2) Cop on a Rooftop Banners for 2022.

Please submit supply requests "Per Location" (note: all requests are subject to change based on store approval and merchandise availability)

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*48 Mugs in a Case
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*Max of 25 Per Size, Per Location.