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Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship 2023 Nomination Form 

Thank you for nominating someone for the 2023 Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship! By filling in the information below, we will let the nominee know that you nominated them.  We will not contact you for additional information if the nominee applies.
JDC is the largest Jewish humanitarian aid organization in the world. In 1987, JDC established the Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship as a tribute to the lifelong achievements of Ralph I. Goldman, a man who, for five decades, has been committed to his people’s well-being in Israel and around the world. This is JDC's premiere opportunity to engage in JDC’s global programs through a range of unique assignments that respond to the changing needs of Jewish communities around the world. 
Who is a good candidate for the Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship?

We are seeking passionate and rising young leaders in the Jewish community, who have experience as Jewish communal professionals or lay leaders, and who care deeply about the global Jewish world and are committed to making it a better place. 

Awarded to one person annually, the RIG Fellowship exposes a young, talented rising leader to global communities and key challenges confronting the Jewish people. Alongside senior JDC staff, fellows identify and design 2-3 unique overseas placements shaped by their skills, interests and the critical needs of communities abroad. 

The application deadline for the 2023 Ralph I. Goldman Fellowship is Sunday, August 7 2022.

Should you have any questions regarding the Fellowship or your nomination, please contact  Julia Carter at Julia.Carter@jdc.org.
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