Philanthropy Advisor & Associate Application

Thank you for your interest in GiveWell’s outreach team! We're looking forward to getting to know you better. To get started, please complete the following 3 application sections:

1. Skills Exercise

2. Candidate Information

3. Upload Resume (Cover letter not required)

1. Complete our online exercise
Follow this link to complete the exercise. This exercise will help us get to know you and your skill set better! There is no preparation necessary. Please create a document with your responses and submit it below.

2. Candidate Information

GiveWell values the impact that every individual can have on our organization. We invite you to self-identify your gender and/or race and ethnicity. Answering these questions is voluntary. We hope you choose to participate. This information helps us improve the effectiveness of our outreach and recruitment programs. Any information you choose to provide will not negatively affect your application. Thank you for sharing!

3. Upload Document(s)