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Where did you hear about The South African Payroll Association?

All Individuals applying for membership will be listed as Associate Members until the application for qualification for Certified Payroll Manager/Administrator/Clerk has been approved.  For more info on the Qualification process, please visit
If you require further information in this regard, please call the SA Payroll Association’s Secretariat.
SAPA Mission Statement & Code of Ethics
Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to the promotion of excellence and high standards within the payroll administration profession 
and the elevation of the payroll practitioner as a recognised professional.

Code of Ethics

Members are committed to:
  1. Be honest, reliable and trustworthy.
  2. Recognise the sensitivity of the payroll relationship between employer, employees and payroll professionals.
  3. Maintaining the absolute confidentiality of the payroll at all times.
  4. Ensuring compliance with current legislation insofar as it affects payroll administration.
  5. Striving for accuracy and timelines of all payroll related activities.
  6. Refraining from using Association activities for personal self-interest or financial gain.
  7. Supporting fellow Payroll Professionals both within and outside the association
  8. Promoting and supporting the activities of the association
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