2022 Rising Solar Fellowship Application

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Rising Solar Fellowship Eligibility

  • The Solar Power Fellowship is available to anyone 18 or older identifying as a woman or marginalized gender, who is currently enrolled as a student or is a recent graduate of a college, university, or technical certificate program (including graduate degree programs as well as installer training programs) and is not yet in the industry. 
  • Fellowship applicants may be interested in any sector of renewable energy, including academic, manufacturing, technical, consulting, engineering, finance, and others
  • Applicants must be planning to pursue a renewable energy career in the United States and will benefit most if interested in the solar industry specifically

    *At this time, we are only accepting applications from students or graduates of US based schools/programs.
2022 Solar Fellows will be selected in August

Thank you to our 2022 Fellowship sponsor!
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Confirm Fellowship Eligibility
*If at any point after you have submitted your application your realize that you can no longer participate in the fellowship, please email us at fellowships@wrisenergy.org to let us know ASAP. 

Application Materials (all documents MUST be submitted as a PDF)

Note: if you have questions about what qualifies as documentation, please email fellowships@wrisenergy.org 
One Letter of Recommendation REQUIRED
**Letters of Recommendation can be emailed directly to fellowships@wrisenergy.org being sure the Applicant's name is included in the subject line.**

Please email recommendations letter as a PDF.

All of these items are due by June 27, 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Demonstrated interest in renewable energy
• Academic and/or vocational achievement
• Work and volunteer experience
• Potential for future contributions to the U.S. renewable energy community
• Financial need

In order to meet the challenges ahead, we require a workforce filled with diverse backgrounds, minds, ideas and perspectives. We recognize that that diversity comes from a person’s whole experience, including but not limited to a person’s college experience, major, race, gender, where you grew up, were you live now, etc. 

If you aren’t comfortable answering these questions, simply leave the fields blank. Declining to answer any of these questions will not impact your selection.