Eat Local First - Eat Local Month
Yay! We're so excited that you want to celebrate with us this September!  Lets get your info!
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The 2022 Whatcom County Farm Tour will be one day only this year, with 5-8 farms featured on Saturday September 17 from 9AM-4PM.  Here are the standard requirements for Farm Tour Participants.  Please read thoroughly, and check each box next to the listed requirements, acknowledging that you can meet each of them!
1. Attend REQUIRED Meeting: 
  • There will be a meeting in July with a Sustainable Connections staff member to discuss your education plan.  You will receive an email after being secured to set a day & time.
    1. An orientation during the first week of September.  This meeting is crucial to your preparedness and success.  You will pick up your tour day materials (signage, welcome booth materials, etc.) at this meeting.
    Enter two potential dates and times you are available for a 30 minute meeting with a Sustainable Connections Food & Farming team member in the month of JULY.

    If you have any questions about Farm Tour participation, please don't hesitate to call or email Jessica | 360-647-7093 ext. 111 |

    Yay! We're so glad you want to be a FEATURED RESTAURANT during Eat Local Month!

    We pour our heart and all of our resources into making Eat Local Month successful.  We just need a few things from you to make it all jive!  Please read through mindfully, and check the boxes to acknowledge your role as a featured restaurant / food business:
    *Feel free to call/email Elias if you have any questions about this application!
    Eat Local Month Specials

    *We define local food as products that are grown, raised, harvested or made in Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island counties.

    Please know that the Food & Farming team will be generously supporting you in the months prior to, as well as during the entire month of September.  We will provide plug & play content and examples for you so that you don't have to spend time creating content if you don't want to!  Most businesses report a huge sense of value and connection when they make the effort to co-promote each other - It's pretty Special!  (Click here to see some previous examples from Eat Local Month promotion successes)
    Set up a time for us to come in and brief your staff

    Let us know what Days / times will work best to gather your whole team for a meeting (we've had best success scheduling to pop in during all-staff meetings - and we are happy to accommodate!)   

    If you have any questions about Eat Local Month, please don't hesitate to call or email Elias | 360-647-7093 ext. 102 |