Texas Litter Database Feedback


Data is an important part of telling your story. It helps you quantify the impact you are having on the community and shows residents, funders and decision makers the importance your programs hold. Utilizing the new Texas Litter Database takes that a step further and allows you to share this impact with the state of Texas as a whole. 

Now that we have completed a full year of active database use, please share your feedback on the database, reporting process and retrieving data from the system. Names and organizations are not required so feel free to provide constructive criticism anonymously.

How easy do you feel the following areas of the TLD were to navigate?

Auditing (collecting, counting, and categorizing) your litter is the most powerful way to collect data.  When you audit litter you not only understand how much is out there and where, but what it consists of, who are the biggest offenders and what are some specific items or issues in your community.