Application Form for Resilience Grant Funding (Vision Fund)

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Completing your application
Thank you for your interest in the Vision Fund. This form is intended for sight loss organisations based and working in London, wishing to apply for a Resilience grant. This funding scheme has been made available as part of our commitment to support the sight loss sector’s continued adaptation and recovery during the protracted pandemic and the current economic crisis.

Please note that the Resilience Fund is open primarily to charities whose main purpose is in support of those living with or at risk of sight loss. If for the continuation of a project, this project must be in support of those living with or at risk of sight loss. 

Applications for grants of up to £10,000 (for up to 12-24 months) can be made to meet either operational costs, or for any other project activities supporting those living with or at risk of sight loss.  Priority will be given to organisations which have been in receipt of a Vision Fund grant within the last three years. 

The deadline for applications under the Resilience Fund is  Monday 11th July 2022. 

If you need any support  completing your application, please email  
Section A: About your organisation
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Section B: About your finances
Income & Expenditure
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Section C: About your request

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Section D: Additional information
Section E: Declaration
I confirm that the information provided is correct at the time of submitting this application. If there is any change then the Vision Foundation will be notified at the earliest opportunity.
Section F: Referee
Please provide the details of a referee. They could be a partner organisation, funder or service user but should not hold any formal or paid role within your organisation. Please ensure that they have given consent to be contacted by us. 
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Review and submit
When you have fully completed your application, please click the Review button below. You will be given the opportunity to check your answers before final submission. Please proofread your proposal and ensure it is easy to understand from the perspective of someone new to your work. 

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