ROOTS Week Rhizome Application Form

Due Friday, July 8, 2022

This ROOTS Week we’ll be hosting three small regional gatherings and supporting member-hosted local Rhizomes all alongside a virtual ROOTS Week & Annual Business Meeting. We are so excited to finally gather again in this hybrid, cross-regional way to Nourish Our ROOTS! 

Rhizomes are gatherings where ROOTS members come together to share their art and organizing, learn about each other’s work, and build strong local networks. In this time of gathering in small groups to minimize our COVID risks, we are supporting these special ROOTS Week Rhizomes between August 1-7, 2022 as an additional way for members to gather.  

The deadline to apply to host a ROOTS Week Rhizome is Friday, July 8. Rhizome hosts will receive a $250 stipend to cover the cost of the events. ROOTS will support one Rhizome per area and multiple requests from the same area will be encouraged to host one Rhizome together.

Please note: 

  • You CAN’T attend a regional event AND host a ROOTS Week Rhizome. 

  • You CAN attend Virtual ROOTS Week & Annual Meeting AND host a Rhizome. 

Questions? Contact

Members involved, community located in or served, and/or partner organizations


Location/details as you have them (including town/city and state)

How to participate? Is it open to the public/other ROOTers?