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The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship (The Fellowship) is a new program dedicated to supporting the growth and reach of diverse advocacy organizations and their leadership teams situated at the intersection of health equity, racial justice, and organizational transformation. It honors the legacy and vision of Rob Restuccia, Community Catalyst's longtime and founding executive director.  
At Community Catalyst, we have always believed that investing in community leadership is essential to progress. The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship is designed to deepen that commitment, with an emphasis on supporting organizations of color. 

Since Community Catalyst launched the Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship in the fall of 2020, the program has been a significant part of our ability to grow into an even more trusted partner to hundreds of community-based organizations at the local, state, and national level–and to imagine how we can build power and unity together to advance a health system rooted in race equity and health justice. 

Through our partnership with the inaugural class of 2021, we have learned so much about the needs of health justice organizations and leaders and specifically about the role Community Catalyst can play in supporting leadership and organizational development. The inaugural class–which includes immigrant rights, grassroots organizing, and reproductive justice organizations–has also taught us how intersectional connections and learnings are essential to building a more powerful, united race equity and health justice movement. 

The Fellowship's primary objective is to equip diverse teams within local, state, and national health advocacy organizations with the tools, resources, and teamwork they need to transform their organizations. From this, these organizations will be able to take greater strides toward race equity and health justice.  

The Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship will accept applications from health advocates at the local, state, and national level, dedicated to pursuing a specific organizational transformation and deepening their practice toward race equity and health justice. 

As part of their application, teams will need to submit at least one proposal for an organizational transformation goal they wish to pursue through their Fellowship, rooted in the Fellowship's framework
  • Leadership and Teamwork 
  • Organizational Transformation 
  • Powerful and Unusual Partnerships
  • Leadership Through a Health Equity and Racial Justice Lens  

Organizational Overview

Applicant Organization Information

If using a fiscal sponsor, please use your project budget size, not the fiscal sponsor's budget

Organization Questionnaire: Please keep these answers under, or close to 250 words.  

Eligibility Questions

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You are not eligible to apply for this funding. 

Fellowship Team Overview

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Applicant 3

Please describe the organizational transformation you wish to focus on as part of the Fellowship. Examples of organizational transformation include but are not limited to strategic planning, board development, knowledge management, implementing human resources practices and policies, fundraising and development, launching a capital campaign, recruiting and retaining a more diverse staff, and/or implementing a racial justice framework. 
  • Why is now the time for this change?  
  • What challenges or burdens to successful implementation do you foresee, and how might you overcome them?  
  • How will the transformation support race equity and health justice?  How will your organizational transformation benefit participants/community who are most directly impacted by your organization's mission? 
  • Will people reflective of your organization's focus population be involved/engaged in the organizational transformation?