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40th Annual Governor's Volunteer Awards Nomination Form
For information or assistance, please visit our Governor's Volunteer Awards webpage, or contact us at or (512) 287-2007.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Nominations must be submitted by no later than Friday, September 22, 2023 Friday, October 6, 2023.

If you prefer to submit a nomination by mail or fax, please click here to download a printable nomination form.
  • The nominee must live and serve in Texas.  
  • The nominee must meet the age requirements of the respective category, if applicable. 
  • The nominee must have demonstrated a significant and consistent commitment to volunteer service over a specific period of time. 
  • The nominee's volunteer service must have made a positive impact on the community, organization, or cause they served. The impact could be measured by the number of people helped, the results achieved, or the positive changes brought about. 
  • The nominee must use stories, testimonials, or personal anecdotes about their volunteer service to highlight their dedication, compassion, and impact.

To view the full list of award categories and their descriptions, visit

The Governor's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made significant and sustained contributions that positively impact their community. This nominee:
  • Has volunteered for a minimum of 15 years to support Texas communities.
  • Creates and/or engages in volunteer work that meets community needs.
  • Often inspires others to get involved and serve the community through volunteering and philanthropy.
  • Frequently helps to develop partnerships across sectors, such as businesses, schools, and nonprofits, for greater impact.
The First Lady's Rising Star Award recognizes young people under age 21, that go above and beyond to serve and support their community while also inspiring others through their actions. This nominee must:
  • Be under 21 years old at the time of submitting the application. 
  • Have participated in significant volunteer services and/or activities within the last year (from August 2022 to present). 
  • Mobilize others to achieve measurable impact on critical issues within their communities. 
  • Demonstrate leadership, commitment to service, and the ability to inspire others of all ages to serve. 
The Volunteer of the Year recognizes individuals who go the extra mile in their work by providing exceptional leadership and dedication to address community challenges while inspiring others to serve. This award recognizes:
  • Someone who is 21 years of age or older. 
  • Has made significant contributions to their community within the last year (from August 2022 to present). 
  • An individual that has shown initiative and leadership in their efforts.
The Volunteer Family of the Year is a true champion of service and a role model for family volunteerism in their community. This award recognizes families that:  
  • Consists of two or more related individuals that volunteer together. 
  • Has created a meaningful impact in their communities within the last year (from August 2022 to present). 
  • Often inspires other families to engage in volunteer efforts that benefit the community.  
The Corporate Champion Award recognizes corporations and small businesses that actively engage employees in serving their community by centering volunteerism as a core value in their business strategy. A Corporate Champion:
  • Is a for-profit, private-sector entity, such as a small business or corporation.  
  • Engages employees beyond episodic volunteering and are committed to long-term community engagement.  
  • Has participated in significant volunteer services and/or activities within the last year (from August 2022 to present). 
  • Understands the importance of service and developing collaborative solutions to meet local needs.
The Community Champion Award celebrates groups and/or community organizations that lead the way in advocating for civic engagement by mobilizing people to serve and make a difference in their community. A Community Champion: 
  • Is any group and/or community organization (including but not limited to faith-based organizations, Greek Letter organizations such as fraternities/sororities, school clubs, civic groups). 
  • Has supported or engaged volunteers in activities that address community needs within the last year (from August 2022 to present). 
  • Strives to make volunteerism more accessible, more engaging, and more available for people to support Texas communities.  
  • Implements impactful initiatives, outreach programs, and collaborative partnerships that empower individuals to become civically engaged. 
The Education Champion Award recognizes those who go above and beyond to develop the next generation of civic-minded, socially engaged volunteers. This award recognizes an educator or educational institution that utilizes service and volunteering as a key component of their school curriculum. The Education Champion nominee: 
  • Demonstrates measurable impact on a recognized need within an educational setting (public, charter, or parochial school(s); or higher education institution such as a community college or university).  
  • Implements innovative and/or informed or evidence-based solutions to further educational goals for students. 
  • Has engaged students in intentional service activities to address one or more identified community needs within the last year (from August 2022 to present).   
  • Is considered a valuable partner in engaging students to address community needs through coarse curriculum, service-learning, internships, and/or practicums.
The Rebuild Texas Disaster Impact Award recognizes organizations (faith and community-based organizations, VOADs, LTRs), cities, and counties that do an exceptional job of utilizing volunteers to meet the needs of Texas communities during all phases of disaster – mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The nominee:  
  • Is considered a faith or community-based organization (including VOADs and Long-Term Recovery groups), city, county, or regional entity.  
  • Exemplifies effective communication, coordination, and collaboration to address the impacts of disasters.   
  • Is seen as a valued and trusted partner to the community in times of disaster and has addressed one or more identified community needs within the last year (from August 2022 to present).   
  • Operates in a way that can serve as a model for disaster volunteerism in Texas.
The AmeriCorps Legacy of Service Award recognizes the exemplary achievements of AmeriCorps alumni (AmeriCorps State and National, NCCC, VISTA, AmeriCorps Seniors) who went above and beyond the scope of their service requirements in addressing the nation’s most pressing challenges and continue to model that spirit of service while inspiring others to follow them and make a meaningful impact on Texas communities. The nominee: 
  • Has completed their term of service as an AmeriCorps member.  
  • Demonstrates a commitment to service by continuing to support the community as a volunteer, civic ambassador, and/or advocate.  
  • Has created a meaningful impact in their communities and participated in significant volunteer services and/or activities since they completed their term of service.  
  • Inspires others to get involved in helping to address critical issues within their communities.

All self-nominations will be required to submit at least one letter of reference or community letter of support.

Please provide the information of a primary representative for the nominated organization.

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Nominees will be contacted only if they are selected as a Governor's Volunteer Award recipient.

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