2023-2024 Application Overseas & Off-Campus Programs

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Program Information

Applicant Information

Non-L&C students: Please use your college or university Student ID so that you are able to access application forms.

Contact Information

Note: You will be expected to check your L&C email address daily prior to and throughout your participation in this program. Non-L&C Munich applications, please provide your .edu email address.
Permanent Address

Current Address

Mail Stop Code (for LC applicants only)

Parent(s)/Guardian Information
In this section, complete the fields that are applicable to you

Emergency Contact Information

Mom/Dad/Brother/Sister/Grandparent, etc.

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Overseas & Off-Campus Program History

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Academic Qualifications
You must be in good academic standing to participate in a program. You must also meet all prerequisites. Please be advised that your code of conduct records will be reviewed.

If you are unsure of the specific day just enter the first day of the applicable month

Languages Studied

Academic Advisors
Please note that your Faculty or College Advisor's signature of approval is a required part of your application. See the Advisor Approval Form for further instructions. If you are unsure who your assigned Faculty or College Advisor is, you can find their names on your Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor.

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Passport Information
In order to participate in an overseas program, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months BEYOND the end of your program. For general purposes this would be June of the next year for Fall programs and December of the next year for Spring programs. If you don't have a passport, or it will expire, please apply for one as soon as possible as a scan of your passport will be due 30 days from admission if you are admitted. Please enter information about the passport you will be using during the program.


If you have not yet completed the College's four-semester residency requirement and are accepted for participation in an overseas or domestic off campus program, you will be responsible for completing the requirement in the semester(s) immediately following your overseas or domestic program. Exceptions will only be made for students who reach the age of 21 before the beginning of the semester they would otherwise be required to live on campus.

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Passport Photo
sample of a passport photoPlease read through this article for guidance on taking a passport photo, and make sure that your photo meets these State Department requirements. You can download an app, such as Passport Photo Booth (iOs and Android), or you can use the ‘Square’ mode on your phone. The US Department of State also has a photo cropping tool to resize your photo to the correct dimensions. Once you have taken a satisfactory passport photo, please upload the file below.

While you are not required to submit any physical passport photos in your initial application, most students will need a few passport photos for their visa application. You are encouraged to save the file of your passport photo in a safe place for future use.

Please do not submit a picture of your passport or a casual photo/selfie. Only a digital copy of your passport photo will be accepted.

Please name your photo with your last name underscore first name (e.g. theroux_paul.jpg)