WABA Community Grant Application


Feel free to link to a Google Sheet if that's easier.

Note that we can only fund work that takes place in DC, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Arlington County, Fairfax County, the City of Falls Church, and the City of Alexandria.

Make sure to highlight how your project or campaign incorporates transportation equity.

See below for tips.

Defining and measuring success: stay focused on specific things that are within your control. Some examples:

  • Good: 100 people stop to talk to me while I wear my infographic sandwich board. 50 of them sign our petition.
  • Good: 4 new advocates are able to join our committee meetings because of the provided childcare.
  • Good: 2 local news outlets cover our direct action.
  • Probably outside the scope of this level of funding: Speeding on the street is reduced by 20%