2023 BOLD Application


We appreciate you taking the time to apply to the Tri-State's most respected board     orientation and leadership development program!! Our purpose is to provide a transformative experience that will empower you to serve BOLDLY in your community .  


  • Prepare you for meaningful nonprofit board service. 
  • Connect you to a network of almost 275 local nonprofits & hundreds of BOLD alumni. 
  • Strengthen our community through a commitment to inclusive & diverse nonprofit board leadership.

BOLD 2023 Dates
BOLD meets virtually Thursdays on Zoom, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m, but Orientation & Graduation are in person.


            • Application Deadline 8/10/23
            • In person Orientation: August 24
            • Virtual classes: August 31, Sept 7, 14, 21
            • In person Graduation: September 28 


            • Application Deadline 10/12/23
            • In person Orientation: October 26
            • Virtual classes: Nov 2, 9, 16, 30 
            • In person Graduation: December 7

Questions ?? Contact BOLD Program Director Jay Shatz at jshatz@leadershipcouncil.us
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Applicant Contact Information 

Please select the email address where you would prefer to receive course communications
Employer Information

Diversity is an important component of the BOLD program.  The following information is included to help us understand the diversity you bring to the program.  Diversity includes not only age, gender, ethnicity, but also skills, backgrounds and experiences recorded in other sections of your application.

Applicant Questionnaire

Nonprofit Board Experience

Skills and Interests

Attendance Agreement
1. The BOLD program runs 6 weeks: an in-person Orientation & Graduation plus 4 virtual sessions. All sessions are on Thursdays from 11 am -1 pm EST.
2. Prior to each class, there is about 30 minutes of asynchronous material posted on our learning platform that you need to watch and use as preparation for the live virtual class. We consider this material a critical part of the BOLD program. If you are absent from the live virtual class, we still expect you to complete this material.
3. We understand conflicts happen as you balance BOLD participation with work/life issues. Please notify Program Director Jay Shatz of a planned absence. If you cannot attend a session, we ask you to watch the recording of the virtual live session.

4. 2 unexcused absences qualify as dropping out of the BOLD program
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A limited number of scholarships are granted for each cohort.
Need Based Scholarships
Typically, employers pay the tuition for employees who want to participate in the BOLD program. We encourage employees to speak with their management about paying for their program tuition.

Scholarships are typically awarded to individuals with a financial constraint or need that would otherwise prohibit them from participating in the program.  A limited number of scholarships are granted to members of smaller nonprofits and others who require financial assistance. 

Payment Information