2023 Adjudication Sheet License Agreement

To use the Bands of America (BOA) Adjudication Sheets, please complete this license agreement and submit the $150 use fee to Music for All (MFA). Any additional licenses may be purchased at a reduced price. 

The $150 use fee provides a one-time license to use the BOA Adjudication Sheets and includes:
  • Adjudication Sheets for each caption, identical to those used at BOA Fall Championships, sans the BOA logo and "sample" watermark.
  • Criteria Reference Scale & Placemat for each caption.
  • Tote Sheet for each caption.
Captions include:
  • Music Performance Individual
  • Music Performance Ensemble
  • Music General Effect 1 & 2
  • Visual Performance Individual
  • Visual Performance Ensemble
  • Visual General Effect
  • Timing & Penalties
Additionally, the one-time license allows for:
  • Promotion and publicity highlighting use of the BOA Adjudication Sheets at your event.
  • Use of BOA procedures at your event as desired.
MFA represents and warrants that it owns and has the exclusive right to license use of its BOA Adjudication Sheets. By executing this agreement and using these sheets and/or related materials, you acknowledge and agree that neither MFA nor its agents shall be responsible or liable for any aspect of your event and/or any errors, acts, or omissions that might result from its production.

If you would like to use the BOA Adjudication Sheets for more than one event, including for multiple circuit or state events, please contact Bands of America at 800.848.2263 or education@musicforall.org. 
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Make checks out to Music for All, Inc. and mail to the following address:

Music for All, Inc.
Attn: BOA Adjudication Sheet License
39 W. Jackson Place, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225