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Please email help@1spirit.org to let us know you wish to register: We will follow up with you by email when the system comes back online.   

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Due to high student demand for this course, registration has reached capacity.

BUT NOT TO WORRY! If you join the wait-list, we will contact you if/when registered students withdraw from the course. Additionally, if enough interested students join the wait-list, the instructor may schedule an additional date that we can offer the class! Please DO put yourself on the wait-list; no payment will be due until we can provide you a space in the class and confirm your availability.

What a WONDERFUL gift! Your recipient will receive an instant email notification of your gift from you with the necessary information and instructions to take the course.  
  • The gift recipient will be welcome to participate in any available learning method
  • While we cannot issue refunds, if your gift recipient wishes to take a different course of the same value in this year's workshop catalog, we would be happy to transfer them.
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Please Note : Attending Only
This event is available exclusively in our NYC Classroom; there are no distance participation options. If you miss the course, there will be no recording to make up missed session(s).

All Coursehorse registrations MUST be listed as GENERAL PUBLIC, above.

Credit Packages
Learn more and save!In order to encourage deeper exploration within its Elective Workshop offerings, One Spirit offers a 3-Credit Subscription Package at a substantial discount. If you wish to purchase the 3-Credit Package right now, we will apply credit to today's registration, and you may use the remaining credit for any other course in this year's workshops catalog. 

Oops! Sorry, Staff Audits are not available for this course.

Explanation: Either the class is attending only, or
this course does not accept credits for payment, or
we have already granted the maximum of 4 staff audits for this course.

If you ARE One Spirit staff:
  1. Change your response to the question above, "Which of the following best describes you?" and answer "GRADUATE" 
  2. Select the "CREDIT" option. We will check your credits and email you an invoice if none are available to attend this course.
If you are NOT One Spirit staff, please go back and change your response to the question above: "Which of the following best describes you?"
Oops! Sorry, staff registration is not open yet!
We admire your enthusiasm! Our attention is focused on getting everything in order for our students at present! 

When staff registration opens, we will notify you by email. 

Thanks for understanding! 
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