Awareness Course Request Form

The Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) provides free Avalanche Awareness Classes to the public throughout our forecast area. These classes are short format, 90-minute, multimedia presentations geared towards the novice wintertime backcountry user. Classes cover how to access avalanche and mountain weather forecasts, recognize basic signs of avalanche danger, and next steps for continuing education.

Host Requirements

  • Provide the physical or virtual space and all necessary equipment (screen, A/V, speaker, HDMI connector)
  • Promote the event 
  • Ensure there will be at least 12 people in attendance
  • Coordinate details with NWAC staff as needed
Just interested in attending a class? Find a public class here:

New Host Organization Registration

Course Information

If you chose to have NWAC run registration for your class, we will open it up the attendance to up to 500 people in a Zoom Webinar format. 

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