Alef Bet & Beyond

Join Rabbi SAM for this 5 week course and come learn to decode the alef-bet! In this five week course, we will learn the letters through games, lore, and chevruta (study buddy) practice, using visual and aural mnemonics.

Whether this is your first encounter with these 22 holy gateways or eighteenth, we will build a foundation for reading sacred Hebrew texts such as Torah, Talmud, and liturgy. This class will prepare you to join a 700 Benches talmud class or other workshops that involve learning Hebrew or Aramaic texts in their original languages.


  • July 21, 28
  • August 4, 11, 18


  • Members: $75 for series
  • Non-members: $87 for series

→ Plus a workbook that costs $16, ordered separately*

NOTE: You will need to order the book from Torah Aura: Lashon Hakodesh. You will receive the entire book as a link in addition to the hard copy!

*If the cost of this class is a hardship for you, pay what you can, taking into account the cost for the book.

*No one turned away for lack of ability to pay; please pay what you can at registration or $0.


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