PAI Synthetic Media Code of Conduct Public Comment

Please use the form below to submit comments on Partnership on AI’s Synthetic Media Code of Conduct. For background on this work, please read the full Call for Public Comment on the PAI website. While we welcome any feedback, here are some outstanding questions we have identified:
  • What mechanism for or examples of synthetic media harm are missing from the Code? What mechanisms or examples are superfluous?
  • How do we structure resourcing and access to transparency tools in a scalable way, particularly for smaller stakeholders?
  • How can the Code be more concrete?
  • What level of disclosure, either direct (like labels) or indirect (like traceable elements in data), is adequate for different types of synthetic media?
  • What approaches to disclosure can be meaningfully applied to open-source projects?
  • How should we think about consent as it relates to synthetic media?