Reelworld Protocol Guideline Focus Groups

Reelworld is actively seeking writers, directors and producers who identify as women from Black, Indigenous and racialized communities in Canada, to participate in remotely run focus groups of 10 people. 

The focus groups will be held via Zoom and take approximately 90 minutes. Discussions will explore the role, process, opportunities and challenges Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour face in relation to project development and decision making in regards to on-screen depiction of Canadian Women of Colour. 

These focus groups are a component of the Reelworld Screen Institute's industry-wide research project addressing stereotypical depictions of Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour on Canadian screen media. The project will produce a research-backed protocol guideline that will help the creatives, producers and executives in our industry to identify how various roles in the creation of content can contribute to the authentic portrayal of these racially diverse women.
This project has been funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada.