2022 Ricanne Hadrian Award Nomination Form

The Ricanne Hadrian Award is presented to a CDC organizer or project manager who meaningfully engages local residents in building economically and racially just communities.


Ricanne Hadrian was MACDC's Deputy Director for housing and community reinvestment until her death in 1996. She was a staunch champion of community organizing and designed the community organizing initiative, RHICO, named in her honor.


We are looking for nominees who:

  • Work to build leadership among community members, and ensure community members are involved in decision-making and priority-setting;
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to the Community Economic Development field;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the vision and core values embraced by MACDC and its members;
  • Make a substantial contribution to both the field and the community;
  • Bring innovation to their job;
  • Enhance the “sense of community”; and/or
  • Serve as mentor to others.

Please submit this form, the nominee narrative, and other supporting materials by Friday, August 26, 2022.

Nominee Information

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Supplemental Material
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