Meaningful Travel Map Application 

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This application helps us determine your eligibility for the Map and gives us everything we need to build your profile. It should take about 20 minutes to fill out, especially if you are ready with Marketing copy. Upon completion we will connect with you with next steps and hopefully to welcome you into our community.
Qualifying Questions
To be included, organizations must:
·  Have a tour, sell a product, or host an experience relevant to travelers/tourists ·  Be at least “visitor ready”, ie. respond to inquiries, maintain a website, operate legally (licenses, permits, etc.) 
·  Be mindful of sustainability and work to provide a positive social, cultural or environmental impact 
·  Be positioned to benefit from additional marketing and connection to the tourism industry 
·  Follow the ChildSafe Guidelines
·  Ensure you conform to Tourism Cares’ animal welfare policy if experiences involve animals, whether in captivity or in the wild.

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Please note the information collected will be used to build your profile and will help to market your organization. Detailing your impact will help your organization stand out! 
Section 1: All About You! 

Section 2: Frequently Asked Questions 
The following questions will help build out the FAQ section of your profile 

Optional: UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Section 4: Market your organization 

Section 5: Photos and Brochures

Header Photos (900x500 Max Size)
The header photos will be featured at the top of your profile and will rotate. Header photos are a great way to showcase your business and create an eye catching profile. Ideally, all photos should be high-resolution (300 DPI or above is preferred).