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PelotonU - Application for College Completion Coach

We are an innovative nonprofit tackling the college completion problem for post-traditional students. In short, students who would benefit most from a college degree have the hardest time graduating. That gets even harder when life's full with work and family - then you have a 16% chance, at best, of earning a Bachelor's. For these same students, we've built a path that offers an 80% chance of graduating. 

Your role is the secret sauce - it's the college completion coach who ensures that every student at PelotonU has a chance to earn their degree. Our students are ages 17-57, work at least 30 hours a week, and many will be the first in their family to earn a degree. While most of your students will live in Austin, the COVID pandemic has taught us that a fully virtual version of our program serves students great too, so now we have partners all over the country!

As a college completion coach, you will support PelotonU students as they balance work, family and college. You will be collaborating with other members of the PelotonU College Completion Team to ensure students are receiving comprehensive support throughout their college journey. You’re also data savvy and that great coaching also requires looking at the numbers to guide your partnership with each student.

You’ll love this role if you excel at helping students solve problems with quick strategies or tips, but you also strive to dig deep and uncover root causes for both struggles and successes.