Request a BSV Volunteer for 2022-23!

This application is intended for host staff who are interested in hosting a Classroom Volunteer on an ongoing basis. Any BUSD educator can request a volunteer and we do our best to find the right volunteer for your unique needs. 

This year, BUSD parent volunteers are welcome to be cleared to volunteer in their child’s classroom through BSV, but it is no longer a requirement by BUSD. Joining BSV gives them access to ongoing trainings and an official name badge!  It is entirely your discretion for which approach you would like to take. (Grandparents and other extended family, as required by the California Education Code, still need to fully register with Berkeley Schools Volunteers in order to volunteer in a district classroom, even if in the classroom of a relative)

I. Onboarding Priorities

Berkeley Schools Volunteers will continue to be strategic about who we match and when. We'll onboard in the following order:

1. Returning BSV volunteers re-connecting with their previous BUSD Host Teacher
2. Returning BSV volunteers seeking a new BUSD Host Teacher
3. New BSV volunteers seeking a new placement in BUSD - it takes time to find you the right match!

Host Teachers may, of course, request any start date they want for a volunteer.

II. Updated Safety Protocols
  • In alignment with BUSD and City of Berkeley COVID current guidelines for students and staff, BSV strongly encourages volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but does not mandate vaccination
  • BSV will continue to follow current BUSD policies with regards to indoor and outdoor mask-wearing and will readily provide updated information to volunteers as needed.
  • All in-person BSV volunteers sign a waiver assuming the risk of volunteering in-person
  • See BSV Full Safety Protocols in detail HERE
BSV remains committed to being responsive to student/teacher needs!  

Tell Us About Yourself

Berkeley Schools Volunteers recognizes that name and gender identity are central to most individuals' sense of self and well-being, and that it is important for us to establish systems that acknowledge and support individuals' self-identification.

Contact Information

If you don't have a work number or do not want to use the school number, you may list a home or cell number here

Volunteer Placement Information

Final Agreements

To set up my volunteer partnership for success, BSV asks all Host Teachers to review the following 2022-23 resources:
All documents are also available on the Berkeley Public Schools Fund website

What Happens Next?

If you're requesting a volunteer or volunteers who you've worked with in the past, we'll need to ensure they clear screening requirements first - BSV will let you know via email. 

If you're requesting a new volunteer or volunteers who are new to you, we'll make the match as soon as we find the right fit (pending screening clearance). We will do a formal email introduction at that time, after which you'll launch your new partnership!

Questions? Email Jissel Poblete: